What you should know about an electric bike

Advantages of electric bikes

An electric bike is an ‘electric- motor powered’ bicycle that replaced the ‘motorized’ bicycle that has always been there since the late 19th century. It contains an integrated electric motor which it uses for propulsion. This bike is also called an e-bike or a booster bike.
So what exactly should you know about electric bikes? Well, let’s explore three essential things you should know about these bikes:
1. Purchase and maintenance cost of electric bikes
The cost of a booster bike varies depending on technology and design. However, they are cheaper than you may think. With $1000 you can be able to get a good e-bike. Ensure to try a few models before you settle for buying one- it important to be sure before you buy.

What about maintenance and operation costs? Well, according to Elby , one of the electric bike manufacturers, the average annual cost of operating and maintaining a booster bike is $390. That is way much cheaper compared to a car whose average annual cost of maintenance and operation is $9,283. Additionally, the cost of fuel is also inexpensive (12-gallon gasoline fill-up is around $33.60). That translates to $2.85 / gallon, quite affordable.

2. Booster bike as an exercise
Yes, you can exercise using your e-bike. Regular and consistent usage of an e-bike can be a marvelous way to work out, keep fit and improve your cardiovascular health and aerobic capacity. According to some study done by the University of Colorado Boulder, booster exercising also improves blood circulation. On the other hand, bicycling is an excellent way of losing weight.
3. Electric bikes regarding speed
If you thought cars are faster than an e-bike, think again. The average car speed in a round -up in town is 18mph while a booster bike can go up to15mph for a round-town drive. For that reason, e- bikes are preferable for travels for they save time considerably.