Reasons to consider granite for kitchen counter-tops

Once seen as a preserve of the few, granite counterparts have become very common nowadays. In fact, no modern kitchen is complete today without granite counter-top. This is true whether it is residential home or a break room in a retail store or any other luxury room for that matter. Apart from the natural beauty that comes with it, granite for kitchen counter-tops also boasts of several other benefits. Below are some of these benefits.

The first advantage of granite counter-tops is that they are very durable. What this means is that it is not susceptible to scratches. Another factor that makes it durable is the fact that it resists heat. In other words, its use near a range of cook-top is ideal. 

Granite counter-top is also resistant to stains and easy to clean. In other words, you only need to make a small effort to make it sparkling clean. And should you accidentally spill some sauce on it, all you need to do is wipe the surface with a soft dump cloth and you are done.

Granite for kitchen also adds value to your kitchen. This is because granite brings outdoors in and every time you do this, especially something as Eco-friendly as granite, then you increase the value of your entire house. This will also help attract potential customers should you decide to put the house up for sale.

In the unlikely event that the surface gets scratched, granite is also very easy to fix. It won’t take you the whole day to fix a broken granite surface. What’s more, there is a special putty dyed to match the same color of your worktop. As such, no one will ever notice that your worktop has been repaired.

The initial cost of granite for kitchen may be a bit high but when you consider the fact that they will over last other materials, then you realize that granite counter-tops are more of an investment than a purchase. You can also get them at a lower price by buying directly from the dealer as opposed to buying from brokers.