pump dick – i’m sure you’ve been curious

I tend to get plenty of spam emails in my inbox every day with the words “penis enlargement” or “pump dick” and generally discard them. However it struck me recently that, as a man with a slightly smaller penis, perhaps they might be a worthwhile investment. Rather than follow links on a questionable email I decided to google search a pump dick and buy one from a reputable company.

There are a range of items available in this area but they all seem to work in a similar way, by trapping the blood supply in the penis and causing blood vessels to swell. It does this by creating a vacuum around the penis. It is worth noting that overuse of treatment can cause vascular and nerve issues in the penis, but this shouldn’t put you off giving it a go.

Studies have shown that use of a pump dick can combat conditions such as Peyronie’s disease (a curving and shortening of the penis) plus studies have shown that psychologically the effects of using the pump can be massive. (If you excuse the pun)

I had always been under the impression that pumps were used purely for elongation of the penis but as it transpires they are often suggested for use to help combat erectile dysfunction although whether they actually accomplish this or not is a matter for debate. Having said that a recent study showed that as many as 80% of men that used a penis pump claimed they were satisfied with the results. Having tried it myself I think that the idea of turning an acorn into an oak is a fantasy, but if you want to see some small gains they are certainly worth a try. Couple it with some “manscaping” and you’ll probably feel like a big boy in no time!