House Renovation an overview

There is much interest nowadays, in house renovation. The cost of buying a house has grown out of all proportion, compared to the rise in the cost of living, over the last couple of decades. And some of the reasons renovation has become so popular are: 
• To enable the first-time purchaser to buy a house in need of refurbishment at a reduced price and then take their time renovating as and when they can afford it.
• For the property developer, builder or entrepreneur to buy a run down or neglected house at auction; renovate it using their resources then sell again to make a profit.
• For those who have inherited a house as part of the estate of a deceased relative, to modernise it for their use, or sell.

Whatever your reason for house renovating there, are some important things to consider. Firstly, how much renovation will need to be carried out is directly related to the overall condition of the house. If the house is old and neglected there are likely to be structural problems; such as rising damp, dry rot, wet rot, an infestation of pests or vermin. There may also be leaks in the roof or cracks in the walls due to subsidence. With properties of this type, it would be highly advisable to have it inspected by a chartered surveyor.

The importance of planning

Once you have decided how much renovating needs doing, you need to set a plan and timescale for the work. If you are going to use building contractors, make sure they are approved and ask for references. Ask for a written estimate for the work. Also find out if you are going to need planning permission or building regulation approval before starting. Good luck with your house renovation!