Granite Countertop

Granite is the ideal material for countertops, offering excellent value for money. A granite countertop offers not just durability and utility, but also the look and feel of a solid, high-quality product, at very affordable prices. 

Granite countertops combine strength with appearance. Granite has a unique interlocking crystal structure, which makes it extremely strong and durable, and also gives it its distinctive grainy look. A granite countertop resists heat, stains, and scratches much better than countertops made from any other material, while radiating a vivid array of colours and patterns at the same time. Granite is made up of several crystals, such as quartz, mica, feldspar, and others, each one giving it a distinctive characteristic. Quartz, for instance, the most common crystal in granite, reflects the colour of the crystals around it, enhancing the appearance, and also makes granite robust. Some of the common colours include white, gold, tan, black, gray, pink, red, green, and blue, all coming in a variety of distinctive grains and patterns. Uniquely coloured granite enhances the aura of the room even further, without adding significantly to the cost. Opting for different finishes ensures the countertop making a perfect fit with the overall theme and style of the room. 

A granite countertop is very utilitarian. It offers effective protection against mold and mildew in the damp and wet environs of kitchens and bathrooms. Normal cookware, knives, and cutlery may be used on granite countertops without any fear of the surface being scratched or damaged.

Granite countertops are usually heavy, but installation is easy. Once installed, it requires little or no maintenance. It is very easy to clean granite countertops as well. Simple wiping removes almost all stains. 

It is not without reason timeless granite countertops have become the most preferred option for homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen.