15 Mind Numbing Facts You Should Know About Interior Design

Think you know everything about contemporary interior designers london? Well, think again. Here are 15 mind numbing facts that everyone should know about the world of interior design.
The list has been inspired by interior design London professionals.

1 Interior designers have actually trained in order to call themselves an ‘interior designer’ and hold a professional qualification.

2 Interior design is not just about choosing furniture and accessories. It is also about evaluating the use of space in terms of practicality.

3 Classics are always in fashion and interior designers London based professionals use this to their advantage.

4 You do not have to cram a space with accessories and useless objects. Many interior designers explain that you should keep everything simple.

5 You don’t need to spend an absolute fortunate to create your most sought after look. Money is NOT everything.

6 Recycle if you can. Interior designers London based professionals, state that anything that is old and perceived as unusable, can always be given a new lease of life.

7 Experiment, be bold and brave. Nobody ever gets anywhere by not truly expressing themselves. Go with your gut.

8 Be inspired – by everything. The best interior designers take inspiration from everything they see and the world around them.

9 Choose a themed colour for your chosen room and work around it. You can then choose accent colours.

10 Play with lighting, as the way a room is lit can totally change its look.

11 The scrapbook should be your new friend.

12 Read up on interior looks in magazines. This will inspire you, but you can gain cheap ideas.

13 Wallpaper does not need to be expensive. Choose a pattern and colour you love, it’s that simple.

14 Seating should be the main focus of the room with its primary function being comfort. Choose your seating with care and try before you buy.

15 Interior designers are eclectic. No one style matters, mix and match and just love what the end result is.

The interior design London world is certainly an interesting one, and you too can learn the tricks of the trade.